How to File a Complaint (EN) - V3.0

Valid as of: June 9, 2023 | Version 3.0

Making a complaint

At W1TTY our primary focus is maintaining absolute customer satisfaction, however sometimes we may fall short of the high standards our customers expect. If this happens, we are keen to hear customer feedback and concerns and use this to improve our service. When you tell us that you are not happy with us, we will welcome your comments and complaints.

We will listen to you and do our best to solve your issue there and then. You will always be treated with respect; you will get updates, answers, and a decision from us without delay.

W1TTY EEA customers will find details of our complaint handling procedure below.

How and where to make a complaint

It's easy to contact us.

  • Email us about any difficulty you may have at
  • Talk to us on live chat and we will address your complaint enquiry to the Complaints team which will reach out to you.
  • In writing, by ordinary mail to the address of the WITTY registered office: Didžioji str. 18, LT -01128 Vilnius.

The complaint must specify:

  • your full name
  • attached power of attorney of the representative, if the customer is represented by a representative
  • address of residence / actual business address
  • your email address

You will need to fill-out a complaint form that will be provided to you by our Complaints team. The date of the complaint is considered the day this form is received by the Complaints team. If the form is received on a day that is Weekend or Bank Holiday, the date of the Complaint will be considered the next business day.

The form will include:

  • the amount of the transaction and the number of the card/bank account it was initiated from if the complaint related to an unauthorized transaction;
  • the reason for submitting the complaint, i.e., the rights, contracts have been violated and the basis for the violation, if known;
  • attached supporting documents of such a complaint (if any). If the circumstances set out in the complaint relate to a specific contract with WITTY, the date and / or number of the contract (if known to the customer) must be provided;
  • preferences as to how the customer expects the complaint to be resolved;
  • signature.

Our complaints procedure

The complaint must be written in Lithuanian or English. The reply and the decision will be provided in one of these languages as well.

W1TTY reserves the right to decline to handle a complaint if the complaint was filed in violation of the procedure discussed above. W1TTY reserves the right not to investigate anonymous, unsigned, and unreadable complaints, as well as complaints that do not contain sufficient identifying data for W1TTY. In this case, W1TTY will inform the customer within 5 business days of the refusal to analyze the complaint.

“Financial Services”, “Consumer” and other terms used in this process shall be understood and interpreted as defined in the Rules of Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution Procedure for Consumers and Financial Market Participants adopted by the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, unless otherwise provided.

We will send you an acknowledgement letter promptly, sometimes asking you for more information, and investigate your complaint further. A written response shall be provided no later than within 15 (fifteen) business days from the date of receipt of the complaint. If, for reasons beyond W1TTY's control, a response cannot be provided within 15 (fifteen) business days, a provisional response shall be provided within that period, stating the reasons for the delay and the deadline by which the customer will receive a final response not exceeding 35 (thirty-five) business days.

When W1TTY does not meet (or only partially meets) the customer's claims in the complaint, W1TTY will send the customer a complete and reasoned written response. Such a response is based on the documents that accompany the W1TTY response. Where the customer is a consumer, the answer must in all cases comply with the requirements of this point, regardless of the nature of the answer.

If the customer is a consumer, the response is provided to the customer by email, sending an encrypted message to the customer.

The complaint shall be dealt with in accordance with the principles of justice, fairness, impartiality, and reasonableness, with a full examination of the circumstances set out in the complaint. WITTY employees handling a complaint must avoid conflicts of interest due to kinship, bloodline relationship, or other reasons that may affect the objectivity of the response.

If the complaint contains claims, issues or circumstances that do not fall within the competence of WITTY, they will not be analyzed and, if possible, the customer will be indicated to which institution to apply with such a complaint/request.

Out - of - court settlement of disputes in other institutions

If WITTY's response does not satisfy the customer or if it has not been answered within 15 (fifteen) business days (or within 35 business days in exceptional cases), due to W1TTY activities which are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, the consumer has the right to apply to the Bank of Lithuania within 1 (one) year from the day of applying to W1TTY. Consumer complaints are examined by submitting a complaint through:

Address: Žalgirio str. 90, LT-09303 Vilnius


More information on the complaint’s procedure can be found on the Bank of Lithuania's websiteārtoju-ir-finansu-rinkos-dalyviu-gincai

Consumer disputes with a financial market participant that do not arise from financial services are subject to out-of-court settlement procedure. Such disputes are analyzed by the State Consumer Rights Protection Agency Service, address Vilniaus str. 25, LT-01402, Vilnius, website address The requirements for the application and the procedure for submission of the application are established by the Law on Consumer Protection.

Out-of-court settlement of disputes arising from the protection of personal data and / or privacy are analyzed by the State Data Protection Service.

Address: L. Sapiegos g. 17, 10312 Vilnius

The requirements for the application and the procedure for submission of applications are established by the Law on Personal Data Legal Protection.

In all cases, a customer can also defend their violated rights in court in accordance with the legal acts.

When providing WITTY services in an EU Member State other than the Republic of Lithuania, customers who are consumers have the right to submit complaints through the FIN-NET network (available at: )